serialphoto - triggers a dc240 digital-stills camera for taking numerous pictures at regular time intervals.




serialphoto [-d nbseconds | -delay nbseconds] [-p prefix | -prefix prefix] [-n nbpic | -nbpic nbpic] [-h]


serialphoto triggers a connected kodak DC240 digital camera. It will take nbpic pictures, or as many pictures as possible if no number was given on command-line (the limit is usually the camera batteries' life).
serialphoto will try to take those every nbseconds (default value: 10s). When the delay is too short, the camera might not have time to compress and transmit the picture, if so, the next picture is shot as fast as possible.
After each shot, serialphoto downloads the picture from the camera and deletes it from the camera. The output filename will be: prefix-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.jpg.
serialphoto overwrites existing files.
If no prefix is given, prefix is set with the digital camera's internal filename.


-d nbsec or -delay nbsec
Sets the time interval between two pictures to nbsec seconds. The default value is 10 seconds.
-p prefix or -prefix prefix
Sets the filename prefix to prefix. The default value is the internal filename of the digital camera.
-n nbpic or -nbpic nbpic
Sets the total number of picture to be shot. If ommited, serialphoto triggers snapshots until manually halted.


serialphoto arbitrarily uses te file /dev/usb/dc240 (the value is hardcoded in the source) to access the digital camera.
It can be created with: mknod /dev/usb/dc240 c 180 80


serialphoto -d 60 -n 120 -prefix sunset
will take 120 pictures, with 1 minute delay in between each, ie: 2 hours of survey. It will also name the pictures like this : sunset-20020825-203000.jpg etc ...




serialphoto doesn't halt properly when the camera runs out of batteries. It also overwrites without any warning any previously existing file...
serialphoto always leaves at least one picture in the camera, because with the current code it would hang when trying to erase the one and only remaining picture.


serialphoto and dumpdc240 are mainly an extraction of gphoto's dc240 interface code whith several small patches.
Please, check for latest releases at, and submit bug reports and comments to
Jean-Daniel Pauget <>: command line interface and small timestamp patches
Randy D. Scott <>: Kodak DC240 library
David Brownell <>: Kodak DC240 USB library patch


$Id: serialphoto.1,v 1.3 2003/03/11 11:46:46 jd Exp $