dumpdc240 - safely downloads all pictures from dc240 digital-stills camera and conveniently time-stamps them.


dumpdc240 is shipped as part of serialphoto-1.0.5.tar.gz


dumpdc240 [-p prefix | -prefix prefix]


dumpdc240 connects to a DC240 digital camera and downloads all pictures, renaming them with the given prefix, followed by the time-stamp that was recorded by the camera when the picture was shot.
dumpdc240 warns when the time-stamp of some picture is newer than the local time (time-stamps in the future). It also warns when pictures are older than one month. In both cases, checking the camera date settings is a good idea !
dumpdc240 never overwrites existing files: it warns and then tries to write with another filename, suffixing it with a three digit number.
example: pic-20020820-200000.jpg is saved to pic-20020820-200000-001.jpg if such a file pre-exists.


-p prefix or -prefix prefix
Sets the filename prefix to prefix. The default value is the internal filename of the digital camera.


dumpdc240 arbitrarily uses te file /dev/usb/dc240 (the value is hardcoded in the source) to access the digital camera.
It can be created with: mknod /dev/usb/dc240 c 180 80


dumpdc240 -prefix joachim
queries the digital camera for all its pictures and saves them all, naming them -for example- joachim-20011115-195500.jpg, joachim-20011115-200140.jpg, joachim-20011115-212015.jpg, etc...




The setting of the device file for accessing the camera should be more comfortable...


dumpdc240 and serialphoto are mainly an extraction of gphoto's dc240 interface code whith several small patches.
Please, check for latest releases at http://serialphoto.disjunkt.com, and submit bug reports and comments to pjd@disjunkt.com.
Jean-Daniel Pauget <pjd@disjunkt.com>: command line interface and small timestamp patches
Randy D. Scott <scottr@wwa.com>: Kodak DC240 library
David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net>: Kodak DC240 USB library patch


$Id: dumpdc240.1,v 1.3 2003/03/11 11:46:46 jd Exp $